Food Science and Technology

ISSN-print: 2073-8684
ISSN-online: 2409-7004
ISO: 26324-2012


Volume: 12, Issue: 3, 2018

Показані 1-15 із 15 записів.
Obtaining and characteristic of the magnesium organic forms on the basis of products of bifidobacteria processing and their metabolites
  • A. Kapustian
  • O. Antipina
  • R. Budiak
Hydrodynamic and energy parameters of gas-liquid media
  • A. Shevchenko
  • O. Stepanets
  • A. Sokolenko
  • O. Bilyk
Reagent purification of the processing industry enterprises effluents
  • М. Malovanyy
  • G. Krusir
  • О. Holodovska
  • A. Masikevych
Determination of functional and technological properties of beef based on the analysis of color digital images of muscular tissue samples
  • О. Savinok
  • N. Azarova
  • О. Arsiriy
  • А. Nikolenko
Development of technological solutions for flour production with specified quality parameters
  • D. Zhygunov
  • V. Kovalova
  • M. Kovalov
  • A. Donets
The use of glucan-containing grain materials in the technology of foam-like pastries
  • К. Iorgachova
  • O. Makarova
  • O. Kotuzaki
  • K. Avetisіan
The using of mechanodiffusion effect in the production of concentrated polyextracts
  • O. Burdo
  • Usef Alhurie
  • I. Syrotiuk
  • Ju. Levtrynskaya
  • Davar Rosmami Pur
Investigation of the safety grapeseed powder as an alternative to cocoa-powder in a confectionery glaze
  • O. Gorodyska
  • N. Grevtseva
  • O. Samokhvalova
  • O. Savchenko
  • A. Grygorenko
Influence of temperature regimes of ripening and fermentation stages on the physical and chemical properties of cream and sour-cream butter quality indicators
  • O. O. Bondarchuk
Edible film-forming coating with CO2-extracts of plants for meat products
  • A. Soletska
  • K. Nistor
  • V. Hevryk
Determination of some chemical and quality parameters of changes in turkish Sari Ulak monocultivar extra virgin olive oil during 12 months of storage
  • E. Ghanbari Shend
  • D. Sivri Ozay
  • M . T. Ozkaya
  • N. F. Ustunelc
Investigation of the films based on the uronate polysaccharides by the method of differential scanning calorimetry
  • N. Коndratjuk
  • Ye. Pyvovarov
  • Т. Stepanova
  • Yu. Matsuk
The peculiarities of crystal formation during freezing of broccoli
  • S. Belinska
  • S. Levitskaya
  • N. Каmienieva
  • А. Roskladka
  • O. Kitayev
The effect of electrical discharge treatment of milk whey on partial conversion of lactose into lactobionic acid
  • О. Kochubei-Lytvynenko
Features of the hemicellulose structure of some species of regional raw materials and products of their enzymatic hydrolysis
  • O. Nikitina
  • N. Cherno
  • S. Ozolina